Tips for Making Online Video

Video is very popular online, so we are going to add a few tips to help our users make the best videos they can:

Tips for Making Videos for the Web

Build to Market
Video marketing and production are closely linked. You want your video to spread and be popular, and therefore creating it with marketing in mind is the way to do it. Produce your video with a target audience in mind so that it will be an instantaneous hit.

Grab your audiences’ attention
We live in a fast paced world and most people simply do not want to sit and watch lengthy videos. Where regular television ads tend to climax at the end, web videos need to be at their peak at the beginning to capture the viewers’ attention. It is important to get the all of the key points across within the first 15 seconds of a web video. The videos should be kept short, and straight to the point to keep the viewers engaged.

Be creative
In order to get a video noticed amongst the thousands of videos already online, it is important that your web video be original and creative. A creative video will grab an audiences’ attention and will attract more viewers.

Choose the right format
Compatibility, finding the smallest format for a file size, the quality of your video and affordable software are all important issues to consider when choosing a video format.

Some of the most common video file formats are:

The most important thing to consider when choosing a format is compatibility. Ensuring that your video format is the most compatible allows your video to be accessible to the maximum number of people.

Using a Flash player is the most effective way to provide your video with the best compatibility possible.

Pay close attention to audio
A video cannot be effective without the proper audio. The combination of audio and visual in a perfect combination is what makes a video work and grabs the audiences attention. When filming a video it is important that a proper microphone be used and that the filmmaker wears headphones to ensure that all of the audio is clear.

Actors should speak in a clear tone that can be easily picked up by the microphone.

Make your video visually appealing
The visual look of the video will also determine whether or not it will grab the audiences’ attention.

The actor in the video should look professional and presentable, according to the standards of the audience they are talking to. It is also important to be precautious when choosing a background. Busy backgrounds with patterns or several colours should be avoided. You should also keep in mind the colour of the background against the outfit, and hair colour of the speaker.

Graphics, slides, and special effects can sometimes be a good way to add excitement to a video presentation; however, it is important that they are used in the right context, and at the right time.

If text is being used in the video, keep in mind the size of the screen that the video may be being watched on. If the text is too small it may not be legible on a small screen.

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