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This document provides a summary of significant changes made to the software between the previous and current versions (see above). A fully-detailed change summary is provided by the ChangeLog file included in the release package and by the Git commit history:

Major changes

  • Whole code base reformatting of .c/.h files using new .clang-format format

  • Documentation changed from static HTML and man pages to Restructured Text (rst). HTML and man pages are now build artifacts.

Software configuration changes

  • SONAME version bumped to 6 due to changes in symbol versioning.

  • autoconf/cmake: detect (not yet released) libjpeg-turbo 2.2 to take into its capability of handling both 8-bit JPEG and 12-bit JPEG in a single build.

  • autoconf/cmake: detect sphinx-build to build HTML and man pages

  • CMakeLists.txt: fix warning with -Wdev

  • CMake: correctly set default value of ‘lzma’ option when liblzma is detected (issue #%s482)

  • CMake: Moved linking of CMath::CMath into CMath_LIBRARY check.

  • Fix CMake build to be compatible with FetchContent.

  • cmake: Correct duplicate definition of _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS (issue #%s443)

  • cmake: Fixes for Visual Studio 2022.

  • Adds Requires.private generation so that pkg-config can correctly find the dependencies of libtiff.

  • Fix dependency on libm on Android

  • cmake: libtiffxx is static on win32

  • Fix build in tif_lzw.c

  • CMake: Add options for disabling tools, tests, contrib and docs.

Library changes

New/improved functionalities:

API/ABI breaks:

Bug fixes:

  • TIFFWriteRawStrip(): restore capabilities to append data in the current strip (issue #%s489)

  • _TIFFReadEncodedTileAndAllocBuffer(): avoid excessive memory allocation on broken files (issue #%s479)

  • TIFFReadRGBATileExt(): fix (unsigned) integer overflow on strips/tiles > 2 GB (oss-fuzz #53137)

  • Replace sprintf calls with snprintf to fix warnings on macOS 13 SDK

  • Added warning messages for FIELD_IGNORE tags for writing and for TIFF_SETGET_UNDEFINED for reading added. (issue #%s438)

  • tif_dirinfo.c: fix TIFFTAG_CLIPPATH tag declaration (issue #%s439)

  • tif_dirinfo.c: fix TIFFTAG_COMPRESSION and _BITSPERSAMPLE tag declaration (issue #%s364)

  • Revised handling of TIFFTAG_INKNAMES and related TIFFTAG_NUMBEROFINKS value (issue #%s149, issue #%s150, issue #%s152, issue #%s168, issue #%s250, issue #%s269,:issue:398, CVE-2022-3599, issue #%s456)

  • TIFFAdvanceDirectory(): fix unsigned-integer-overflow in mapped case (oss-fuzz #52309)

  • Improved/fixes IFD-Loop Handling (issue #%s455).

  • Update getimage to support large raster images.

  • Presetting of default tag values extended (e.g. PlanarConfig). (issue #%s449)

  • Deal with RichTIFFIPTC tag written with LONG type (issue #%s225)

  • TIFFSetValue(): Writing IFD8 & LONG8 tags to ClassicTIFF corrected (issue #%s442)

  • tif_jpeg.c: allow to pass -DEXPECTED_JPEG_LIB_VERSION=number to do optional compile-time version check

  • TIFFReadFromUserBuffer(): fix clearing of TIFF_CODERSETUP flag that could cause issues with reading JPEG compressed files

  • _TIFFCheckFieldIsValidForCodec(): return FALSE when passed a codec-specific tag and the codec is not configured (issue #%s433, issue #%s486, CVE-2022-34526)

  • Add basic 16 bit cielab support.

  • WEBP codec: avoid temporary buffer and memcpy() on whole tile/strip decoding

  • tif_predict.c: make horAcc8() work with icc (ICC) 2021.6.0 20220226 -O2

Tools changes

New/improved functionality:

  • tiffinfo: Updated to parse through SubIFDs and show their tags.

Bug fixes:

Contributed software changes