Changes in TIFF v4.0.2


Current Version

v4.0.2 (tag %sRelease-v4-0-2)

Previous Version


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This document describes the changes made to the software between the previous and current versions (see above). If you don’t find something listed here, then it was not done in this timeframe, or it was not considered important enough to be mentioned. The following information is located here

Major changes

  • None

Software configuration changes

  • None

Library changes

  • tif_getimage.c: added support for _SEPARATED CMYK images.

  • tif_getimage.c: Added support for greyscale + alpha.

  • Added TIFFCreateCustomDirectory() and TIFFCreateEXIFDirectory functions.

  • tif_print.c: Lots of fixes around printing corrupt or hostile input.

  • Improve handling of corrupt ycbcrsubsampling values.

  • tif_unix.c: use strerror() to get meaningful error messages.

  • tif_jpeg.c: fix serious bugs in JPEGDecodeRaw().

  • tif_jpeg.c: Fix size overflow (zdi-can-1221, CVE-%s2012-1173).

Tools changes

  • tiff2pdf: Defend against integer overflows while calculating required buffer sizes (CVE-%s2012-2113).

Contributed software changes

  • None