#include <tiffio.h>
uint32_t _TIFFClampDoubleToUInt32(double val)
uint32_t _TIFFMultiply32(TIFF *tif, uint32_t first, uint32_t second, const char *where)
uint64_t _TIFFMultiply64(TIFF *tif, uint64_t first, uint64_t second, const char *where)


_TIFFClampDoubleToUInt32() clamps double values into the range of uint32_t (i.e. 0 .. 0xFFFFFFFF)

_TIFFMultiply32() and _TIFFMultiply64() checks for an integer overflow of the multiplication result and return the multiplication result or 0 if an overflow would happen. The string where is printed in the error message in case an overflow happens and can be used to indicate where the function was called.

See also

libtiff (3tiff),