#include <tiffio.h>
int TIFFReadFromUserBuffer(TIFF *tif, uint32_t strile, void *inbuf, tmsize_t insize, void *outbuf, tmsize_t outsize)


Use the provided input buffer (inbuf, insize) and decompress it into (outbuf, outsize). This function replaces the use of TIFFReadEncodedStrip() / TIFFReadEncodedTile() when the user can provide the buffer for the input data, for example when he wants to avoid libtiff to read the strile offset/count values from the StripOffsets / StripByteCounts or TileOffsets / TileByteCounts arrays. inbuf content must be writable (if bit reversal is needed).

Return values

Returns 1 in case of success, 0 otherwise.


All error messages are directed to the TIFFErrorExtR() routine.

See also

TIFFOpen (3tiff), TIFFReadRawStrip (3tiff), TIFFReadScanline (3tiff), TIFFReadEncodedStrip (3tiff), TIFFReadEncodedTile (3tiff), libtiff (3tiff),