#include <tiffio.h>
int TIFFFieldPassCount(const TIFFField *fip)


TIFFFieldPassCount() returns true (nonzero) if TIFFGetField() and TIFFSetField() expect a count value to be passed before the actual data pointer.

fip is a field information pointer previously returned by TIFFFindField(), TIFFFieldWithTag(), TIFFFieldWithName().

When a count is required, it will be of type uint32_t if TIFFFieldReadCount() reports TIFF_VARIABLE2, and of type uint16_t otherwise. Use TIFFFieldWriteCount() for TIFFSetField(), respectively. (This distinction is critical for use of TIFFGetField(), but normally not so for use of TIFFSetField().)

An alternative function for the count value determination is TIFFFieldSetGetCountSize().

Return values

TIFFFieldPassCount() returns an integer that is always 1 (true) or 0 (false).

See also

TIFFFieldDataType (3tiff), TIFFFieldName (3tiff), TIFFFieldQuery (3tiff), TIFFFieldReadCount (3tiff), TIFFFieldTag (3tiff), TIFFFieldWriteCount (3tiff), libtiff